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Fay Guiffo


Acting and Music, Body and Soul (part 1) June 24, 2020

     As a musician and artist, I have always been interested in other forms of expression. I had the opportunity of taking some acting courses several months ago and to deepen my knowledge with the drama teacher Ali De Souza, at RCS.

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Acting and Music, Body and Soul (Part 2) June 24, 2020



            As a student in music, I remember that transmitting emotions was a real issue. Not necessarily because I did not feel what I wanted to express, but because I felt physical blocks.

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Acting and Music, Body and Soul (Part 3) June 24, 2020

Creating together


Collaborative performances

     In most of the performances I have seen that involved musicians and actors, I noticed a repetitive scheme: musicians mostly assume the function of ornament in the final product (the play).

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Musicians and Mindfulness (part 2) January 10, 2020

(To read the first part of Musicians and Mindfulness, please follow the path. )

Directing with a clear mind

A year ago, I came up with an ambitious idea. I wanted to create a film based on the music composition that I wrote, Queen of Hearts.

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Musicians and Mindfulness (part 1) January 7, 2020


Few months ago, I decided to engage into Zazen meditation practice. Some colleagues, musicians and friends had told me their experience with mindfulness practices, and for a while, I was very intrigued.

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