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Fay Guiffo


Born in France, Fanny ‘Fay’ Guiffo is a French Cameroonian musician, performer, director and educator based in Edinburgh. Learning classical violin from an early age, she perfected her practice at the Ecole Normale De Musique De Paris and graduated with a Bachelor’s in Music Performance (Pôle Sup’93, 2018). She then obtained a Master’s degree in Music Education at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland (2021). In 2021/2023, she was commissioned as performer/workshop leader by the Scottish Chamber Orchestra. She regularly performs with the Glasgow Barons Orchestra and collaborates with the multi-awarded pianist Edyta Mydłowska, presenting virtuosic pieces by classical composers (De Falla, Gershwin, Ravel...). Her professional engagement includes classical music improvisation concerts, performing in various venues and festivals (Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Hidden Door Festival, Pianodrome, la Belle Angèle...).

Along side her music career, Fay trained is various dance styles and developed her skills as acting musician. This versatile skill set led her to perform in theatre productions (Once Upon a Snowstorm, Lyra Theatre Company, winter 2021/22) and in dance productions such as SKETCHES directed by Katie Armstrong (MADE IN SCOTLAND SHOWCASE, 2023).

Passionate about storytelling and visual arts, she is commissioned by the film festival Africa in Motion (Glasgow, 2019) to direct and compose the music for the screening/live performance of Within our gates, a film about racial injustice directed by Oscar Micheaux (1920). Promoting female empowerment, she produces, writes and directs her own music films Queen of Hearts (Women of the Lens Film Festival, 2020) and Spanish Dance (Finalist at the Oniros Film Awards® - New York, 2021).

Fay is currently developing a music and physical theatre show called Arcana 21, a fable of freedom based on her own journey as mixed-race classical musician. Her artistic research is mentored by the director choreographer JoAnna Mendl Shaw (Juilliard School, New York). Her work is supported by Help Musicians, Culture Edinburgh and Hope Scott Trust.

Her CV is available at the bottom of the page.

Art and Poetic Empowerment


"As far back as I can remember, art has been there when I needed it. By playing the violin, improvising a dance, or writing, I could connect with my deepest self and express both the simplicity and complexity of my feelings. A sense of fulfilment emerged, either as a confirmation for positive emotions, or as a reminder that although things might not be light and bright at the moment, there was still room for hope and courage. In times of need, I realized that practicing art helped not only me, but also other people, to overcome fear and rewrite the negative narrative that they subconsciously impose onto their mind.

As a response to this awareness, I strongly believe that art has the power to transform our lives, to help us face great challenges and to build meaningful connections with people. To align my artistic practice with this power, I focus on designing narrative lines. I believe that connecting with our own life-stories can empower people to discover what is meaningful to them. For these reasons, I want my music to speak from my heart. I want my dance to liberate my body and to claim the space it needs, so that my audience feel inspired to take more agency in their own lives. Fundamentally, I want my art to stimulate authentic connections between me, people I work with and my audience. In this journey, I will encourage people to overcome fear, to embrace their dreams, and to live their life with courage and authenticity. We can all grow from inside, extending our branches like a beech tree widening its leafy canopy. We can transform our life and create a positive impact on others by honouring inward and outward connections. It all begins with listening to our deepest self."

Fay Guiffo