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Fay Guiffo


~~~  Queen of Hearts  ~~~

Queen of Hearts - A music film inspired by Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

Producers, Writers, Directors: Fay Guiffo and Victoria Jones; Cinematographer: Meray Diner

Composer: Fay Guiffo

Music :
Based on the original poem “Queen of Hearts” written by Fay Guiffo

Faye’s voice: Fay Guiffo
Violin: Fay Guiffo
Cello: Jalayne Mitchell
Additional cello: Sara Cook
Additional voice: Tiia SorjonenAdditional recording by Bob Whitney (cello track)
Music mixing consultant: Louis Galliot
Music recorded, mixed and mastered by Sun Dogs Production

~~~  Always (2019)  ~~~

I envisioned composing a capsule, out of space, out of time. It's a moment suspended in the air. An instant that could last forever as we remember people who shaped our lives. We might never see them again. But memories unfold vividly and sounds resonate in the chapel of our head, as if from within could emerge eternity.

Composer/conductor: Fay Guiffo

Coordinator: Bogdan Jeler

Piano: Edyta Mydłowska

Flute: Bogdan Jeler Solo

Solo Violin: Elizabeth Gange

Violin: Martina Sillence, Lasma Ribule, Ines Alves Ferreira Soares

Viola: Jasmine Ong, Alasdair Habuki-Bedford

Cello: Freya Ruusaken Khalil Johnson

Double Bass: Jennie Gillespie, Adria Recata Mormeneo

Reproduction of the hands "Creation of Adam" (Michelangelo) by Rebekah Lesan Venusta Artistry

~~~  Within Our Gates- live screening  ~~~

This is the second picture that pioneering black filmmaker Oscar Micheaux directed and the earliest one that has survived to the present day.
This live screening has been presented by Africa in Motion Film Festival. (Glasgow, 2019)

Production Coordinator: Victoria Jones

Musical Director/Composer/Conductor: Fay Guiffo

Violin: Laetitia Pannetier. Clarinet: Katie Holton. Cello: Simone Seales. Piano: Edyta Mydłowska

The rights to screen and perform with the film "Within Our Gates by Ocsar Micheaux" were provided by the Library of Congress in Washington, DC and obtained in the 2019 Africa in Motion Film Festival.