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Fay Guiffo


Teaching is an important aspect of my practice. Having several years’ experience as a violin instructor and creative music facilitator, I build my musical pedagogy around well-being and achieving excellence. My professional experience includes teaching children as well as adults. I am a curious and enthusiastic teacher! Creating a safe environment and a sense of trust within my community of practice is one of my priorities.

Thanks to my experience in multiple artforms (music, dance, drama, filmmaking) and interest in holistic practices (Alexander Technique, Meditation) I can adapt my teaching approach to various profiles. I encourage my students to develop their creativity, to express their own voice and to engage in meaningful learning. 



'I have known Fay for almost three years now. She is the person who always brings joy to everyone she works with. Her support, broad knowledge, creativity and dedication go together with her positive attitude, which make her an ideal violin and music teacher for people at all levels, especially children. She is a professional in every sense of the word - her long experience, patience and love of the music are equally met with her enthusiasm and passion of tutoring others.'

Marysia, Violin Student at Bachelor's level.


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