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Fay Guiffo

Performances & Directing Work

~~~  Spanish Dance  ~~~

Synopsis: A self-centred violinist and an introvert pianist develop a strong artistic connection as a mysterious Spanish dancer enters their imaginative world.


Director Statement:

Spanish Dance is an artistic journey reflecting on connections and the social function of music. Although the violinist and the pianist play together, they seem to be separated, living in their own world. However, the music unfolds and reveals a mysterious character -a Spanish Dancer- whose role is to reconnect the two musicians. As the pandemic left the art industry wounded by the absence of live performances for a long term, artists have suffered from being separated. Post-pandemic, artists need to readapt, to rediscover the joy of playing, creating together again. Thus, it was important for us to capture this particular moment of reconnection between artists. The cast and crew is composed of people with different art practice backgrounds (filmmakers, choreographers, actors, dancers, musicians) as well as people coming from different countries (U.S.A, England, Scotland, Spain, France, Poland). This diversity reflects our desire to create more connections and communication, transcending cultural barriers and language limitations through music, images, movements and more broadly art.

Fay Guiffo


Finalist at the Oniros Film Awards® - New York (2021)

Semi-finalist at the International Music Video Awards (2021)

Awarded Best Music Video at the Art Film Awards (2022)

Honorable Mention at the Red Movie Awards (2022)

Official Selection at the Shockfest Film Festival (2022)

~~~  Queen of Hearts  ~~~

A music film inspired by Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. Alice, an unsecured young girl, is rejected by her peers and seeks refuge in Nature. A bewitching Queen is waiting for her. Meanwhile, Faye, the Queen's prisoner, breaks her chains and finds her way to overthrow the Queen's power.

The film has been selected by Women of the Lens Film Festival (London, 2020), received an Honourable Mention at the Screen Power Film Festival (2020) and at the Amsterdam Filmmakers Festival and was semi-finalist at the International Music Video Awards (London, 2021).

Production team

Producers, directors, writers: Fay Guiffo and Victoria Jones; Acting director: Akuc Bol; Cinematographer: Meray Dinner; Composer: Fay Guiffo; Editors: Duncan Formosa and Anna Burns; Colour Grading: Florence Gilbertson; Costume designer: Andrew J. Smith; Choreographer: Leonor Estrada.


Alice: Ellinor Larsson

The Queen/Faye: Fay Guiffo

~~~  Dawn  ~~~

Dawn, music video by Fay Guiffo and Ruby Lawrence (2020)
Based on Sonata No5 in G Major "L'Aurore" composed by E. Ysaÿe (1923)

In these times of uncertainty, we might feel the need to take a step back and to observe our life from a different perspective. We might need to take a look inside ourselves and to create more space within our mind, our body. Thus, Ruby Lawrence and I envisioned this musical and visual moment, an island of poetic wilderness.

Violin, Performer: Fay Guiffo
Cinematography: Ruby Lawrence
Editing: Fay Guiffo
Music Mix: Fergus Hall


~~~  Classical Music and Movement Improvisation   ~~~

French Violinist Fay Guiffo and pianist Chris Lyons performing at Barclay Viewforth Church, Edinburgh.

~~~  Once Upon A Snowstorm- musical theatre  ~~~

Lyra, supported by Catherine Wheels Theatre Company, present their first ever Christmas production, Once Upon a Snowstorm at Lyra in December 2021.
Adapted from the book by Richard Johnson, Once Upon a Snowstorm is a gentle tale of love, friendship and letting nature into your heart.
This brand new adaptation of the book is adapted and directed by Lyra’s Artistic Director Jo Timmins and performed by Michael Sherin and violinist Fay Guiffo with a music composed by David Paul Jones.

Image by Mihaela Bodlovic.

~~~  Within our Gates- live screening  ~~~

This is the second picture that pioneering black filmmaker Oscar Micheaux directed and the earliest one that has survived to the present day.
This live screening has been presented by Africa in Motion Film Festival. (Glasgow, 2019)

Production Coordinator: Victoria Jones

Musical Director/Composer/Conductor: Fay Guiffo

Violin: Laetitia Pannetier. Clarinet: Katie Holton. Cello: Simone Seales. Piano: Edyta Mydłowska

The rights to screen and perform with the film "Within Our Gates by Ocsar Micheaux" were provided by the Library of Congress in Washington, DC and obtained in the 2019 Africa in Motion Film Festival.